Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reaserching for a new bike

I am currently looking for a new bike that I can use for competing on. I am not sure whether to get a road bike or a tri bike as I probably intend to do other events or charity rides outside of the triathlon circuit. I do however feel like my triathlon race is the driving force for the purchase so I am steering in that direction.

I have found a good article here which I think really helped.

Triathlon Bike or Road Bike?

The other main thing I am confused about is the components on the bike. My current commuter based hybrid race bike has Shimano Sora which I know to be the novice style components so I am definately looking to upgrade. My question is what components should I be aiming for.

There are lots of choices which confuses things but I do know that Dura Ace is the top group from Shimano, I just get confused over Ultegra and 105 and which one is better and why.

Again, by the same person I found my answer in an online article so I though I would add it here too.
It is strangely, exactly the information I wanted and even referred to the same situation I have with my current bike.

Dura Ace vs. Ultegra vs. 105

This has given me something to think about so I will leave this here.

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