Friday, February 20, 2009

Back on my bike

Still recapping, 2009 swings in and I am heading back to work after a month off.

With a new baby at home, it is easier to try to get on my bike instead of trying to coordinate getting the little one up and out of the house in time to get to work. I should point out here that we only have one car and I would prefer that my wife has it at home to use instead of having it be parked in a car park all day long until it is time for me to return home.

The weather is still cold and the mornings damp so I figure I don't really feel comfortable getting on a bike that is set up for triathlons, especially the thought of clipping my feet in and the look of those slick racing tires. I have the jitters but I really want to confront my fears and get back in the saddle.

I decide to compromise and use my wifes commuter bike. It is a Giant FCR3 and I think it is even a male frame due to the colour being more appealing than that years female alternative. I only needed to make minor adjustments to get it to fit me. Okay, the frame is a little small so even though I can get the height right, the geometry or length is a little short. It makes for a safe feeling, upright position so I am happy and setting off to work at a sedate pace makes me feel good. I'm wearing Jeans and a fleece so this indicates that this is not a training ride by any means but I am back on a bike and feeling good for it.
As the days pass, I realise that jeans are not appropriate attire for cycling, especially as I am starting to build up a pace. I have no clips and chunky tires but even so, I am cycling at a faster pace every day.

One morning, I decide to adorn my cycle jersey and shorts with all of the cold weather trimmings. I can cycle at a faster pace but I am feeling a little out of place all tarted up but not on a race bike. Oh well, I will have to take things slowly until the weather improves.

Incidentally, we have been experiencing lots of rain for California so I am definitely sticking to my wifes bike for the time being.

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