Monday, February 23, 2009

My Starting Point

We all have to start somewhere and while there are many ways to measure or even perceive progress, I am going to use one of the standard methods to start with and add in other stats as and when I get to them. I would like to see how my body adapts physically as I have never tracked this before. I know I am out of shape at the moment and a quick tape measure around the waist gave me a minor shock.

I guess friends would describe me as a tall lanky fella. Apologies for the Britishness of that description. I'm 6'2 with a medium build. I never have an obvious problem with weight and can generally eat what I like, but the issue I do have, is any excess sits in a little pot belly. You know, The ones that old men have. I also don't have a well defined chest so the problem is increased with the appearance of a slight land slide. I am slim but I don't exactly appear athletic at the moment, especially when I take my top off.

So, one of my goals by the triathlon is to actually look more like a triathlete. I want to have the functional body of a triathlete and thus improve my performance along with it. I intend to track my strength as I go but for the time being lets record my body shape.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172.4 lbs
Fat %: 12.3
Muscle %: 43.5

Waist: 35" or 90cm
Chest: 38" or 96cm
Shoulders: 43.5" or 110cm
Left Bicep: 12" or 30cm
Right Bicep: 12" or 31cm
Left Thigh: 21" or 53cm
Right Thigh: 21" or 54.5cm

Ultimately, knowing my body type, I am expecting my weight to actually drop down to the mid 160's, my waist to drop to 32". I want to get my fat percentage below 10 Percent and my muscle mass above 50 Percent. Hopefully all of the other measurements should increase as I build muscle.

Correct fueling and nutrition should do the trick.

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