Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Looking at bikes

I went to a bike shop yesterday while I was out and about to get a feeling for what I may be looking for. I am really liking the Cervelo's and took a look at the P1 which is a triathlon bike and the S1 which is the equivalent Road bike. I love the look of both but there is something about the P1 that I love.

I have a history of being a speed freak. I love fast cars and bikes and when I got my Motorcycle license back in 2002, the first bike I bought was a Suzuki GSXR 600. This was a super sports bike and for a first purchase, suited my profile. It was the only type of bike I was going to feel right on.

Anyway, back to bicycles, I have the same issue with these. I just will not feel right on a beach cruiser. Just not my style. It needs to be racy.

The S1 is a racy bike but the P1 is truly awesome. The aerodynamics on this type of bike is what it is about. How can I make the rider go faster is what the bike is asking.

This however leads back to the main problem. I know I want a Triathlon bike, and this one is a really good price for what you get, but is this all that I need the bike for?

I do other events during the year, including a century ride from Irvine down to San Diego for the MS Society. Last year I did this on my Marin Fairfax and although my preparation was not good, I feel that a better road bike would do me good.

I feel that if I go for a triathlon bike, I will be compromising my Century rides and if I go for a road bike, I will be compromising my Triathlons.

For me it comes down to the triathlons being a race and the centuries being a challenge, thus taking away the importance of improving my ride. I will keep my Marin for training anyway, so I could probably keep doing these rides on that.

I think I am favoring the P1.

Watch this space.

PS. I decided to show you my favorite FAST car that I owned before moving to the US. Love it!

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