Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Playa Ridazz

So, I have been doing lots of riding in the form of a commute to work which has been really good for my base fitness but I have been lacking the distance thus far. My daily ride to work is about 8 miles each way which is just enough to make a training ride out of it, but not enough to really work on my endurance.

As a result, I have joined a local cycling group that is part of LATri called the Playa Ridazz. As a standard route, we start in Playa Del Rey and head south until we get to Redondo and then turn back. This basic route, which involves a timed sprint early on while on Vista Del Mar, is about 18 miles. With various bonus add-ons at the half way point, we can easily extend this to 24 miles.

This is a great distance for triathlon training as it matched the typical distances of triathlons in the area.

At the weekend there are numerous rides including our own Team SPE ride in Santa Monica that can easily extend the distance I do into the 40-60 mile realm.

Taking this all into account, I am now riding about 140 miles per week. I love being on my bike and California must be one of the best places in the world to ride. I know that Lance Armstrong is the first to agree with this statement.

PS. I still haven't got myself a new bike. I may continue to hold off for the moment.

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